You Wanted to Say,
But Didn’t Know How…

PR agency J&N PUBLICITY delivers professional public relations and media relations services.


PR Consulting

Providing strategic consultancy on communications and public relations. Designing PR strategies for communication with the public and target groups. Customers essentially do not buy from a company that they are not familiar with. Can your business strategy really be successful without positive PR?

Public Relations

Managing PR and communication activities such as press conferences and briefings, communication on social networks and the Internet, event marketing, sponsoring and CSR. We know how to make you attractive to the media and how to paint a favourable picture of you.

Media Relations

Creating and maintaining relationships with the media to ensure commensurate editorial space. Searching for suitable opportunities, analyzing information, and framing topics to secure media publicity. There is always a topic to discuss, it simply has to be identified and put into the right context.

Media Training Sessions

Organizing media training sessions aimed at managing communication with the media, especially when it comes to demanding crisis situations. Helping the client understand how journalists work. Explaining how to eliminate bad decisions, deal with negative media coverage and effectively frame and tune your message for the media. In the presence of an experienced TV editor, you will experience simulations of realistic situations in front of the camera.

Crisis Communication

All crises in the digital media age take place in real time, no matter where they are happening in the world. One crucial thing can make the difference: the promptness of your response! It is a great advantage if you are already properly equipped to deal with a crisis in good time.

Media monitoring

Monitoring of all available outputs in both the Czech and foreign media (TV, radio, press, internet, social networks). Discover your media image and ascertain how effective your PR is. Based on a media monitoring analysis, we will provide you with an assessment of your image in the media, along with recommendations and suggestions on how to accomplish an improvement.

About us

We rely on our thorough and deep-rooted knowledge of the Czech and international media markets. It amounts to a valuable asset which we deploy in expertly shaping the communications of international companies like The Coca-Cola Company, Novartis, Hays, Pfizer, Biotronik, Invisalign.....
Jitka Novotná
Jitka executed managerial positions in public and government relations in multinational companies General Electric and Anglian Water Group (AWG). For American Chamber of Commerce acted as a Deputy Director. Experience in communication and media gained as a spokesperson of the Czech Airlines (CSA). Since 2010 she is head of J&N Publicity agency.



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