International Day of Yoga 2022 – come and join us!


This June, International Day of Yoga celebrations will be held across the Czech Republic again. This year’s celebrations will be bigger than usually since India is celebrating 75th anniversary of its independence from colonial British rule. Under the title of “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav“, a number of events are taking place in India and abroad, including in the Czech Republic.

„The International Day of Yoga was first celebrated globally in 2015, following its inception in the UN General Assembly in 2014. In his UN address then, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi had suggested the date of 21 June to celebrate the International Day of Yoga, as it is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and has a special meaning in many parts of the world. The first celebration in India was organized by the Indian Ministry of AYUSH which deals with ayurveda, yoga and other Indian health systems. Since then, the International Day of Yoga is celebrated annually all over the world, including in the Czech Republic,“ said H. E. Hemant H Kotalwar, Ambassador of Republic of India to the Czech Republic who invited all yoga enthusiasts to take part in events organized across the Czech Republic by the Yoga associations.

In the curtain raiser event hosted at the Indian Embassy in Prague on 8 June , Psychologist and psychotherapist Petr Růžička explained how practise of yoga benefited the mental health. Petr said “people are then able to look at themselves in a healthy way (self-reflection) and to keep their behaviour and acts under control. This function of self-regulation is safeguarded primarily by an area of brain behind the forehead whose development is supported especially by concentration and meditation but also by other yogic exercises.”

How can yoga help us?

· Let’s practice yoga (classical yoga which includes a comprehensive system of physical, mental, breathing and spiritual techniques, such as for example the Yoga in Daily Life System) on the basis of the principle of "sannahana", i.e. resistance and indomitableness.

· Let’s not avoid adequate load and obstacles, let’s rather try to overcome them (each unnecessary avoidance weakens our ability to manage and deepens our fear of further load).

· Let’s harden our body (cold shower in the morning, walking barefoot in the nature…), let’s cultivate our self-discipline, let’s direct our lives from chaos to organization and regularity (it saves considerable amounts of life energy that we can use to manage load).

· Let’s think and communicate in a positive way. The way we think about the world creates our world.

· Let’s build our health self-confidence and self-awareness. They represent the basis for life stability and resistance.

· Let’s strengthen our social and environmental health. What is my relationship with other people, with the environment, with the world? Do I love them, take care of them?

· Let’s cultivate our spirituality (it does not have to be tied to any religion), let’s feel our connection with the wholeness, let’s respect what goes beyond us.

How to join us?

This year’s celebration of the International Day of Yoga organized by the Embassy of India will take place on June 21 from 8:30 am in the India House at Sarecka 7, Prague 6 and will be live telecast globally.

Every week, 25 branches of Yoga in Daily Life offer almost 500 public yoga courses in over 100 Czech towns and cities. Apart from Yoga in Daily Life, more than 35 centres all over Czech Republic also organize regular yoga classes which promote mindfullness and holistic well being. In Prague, to celebrate the International Day of Yoga 2022, there will be open house on June 16 in three Yoga in Daily Life centres (in Blanicka street in Prague 2; Velichovska street in Prague 5 – Mala Ohrada and Donovalska street in Prague 4 – Jizni Mesto). People interested in yoga can come to try a free yoga class within 6 different yoga courses: for beginners; against back pain; and to support vitality. In other Czech and Moravian cities, people can join yoga in a park, tasting of vegetarian specialities and other programmes. All the courses, seminars and other events organized by Yoga in Daily Life can be found and the Facebook



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